• Distribution container

  • Energy Storage Container

  • 机组集装箱

  • Gas containers

  • Office containers

  • Standard dry cargo box

  • Generator set room box

  • Multi-door container

  • Military room box

  • Commercial container


集装箱、干箱、干货集装箱、冷链、冷箱、冷藏箱、保温集装箱、特箱、模块化建筑、地板、房屋箱、内陆箱、折叠箱、平台框架箱、开顶箱、 散货箱、超宽箱、交换体箱、多联箱、侧开侧帘箱、运车箱、垃圾箱、住宿房箱、办公房箱、公共设施房箱、拆卸式房箱、仓库箱、设备箱、 北美内路箱

AboutChangbo has a well-trained professional production team and top design and technical personnel, and rely on strict scientific management to provide high-quality products guarantee. In addition to producing standard containers, Changbo also specializes in manufacturing non-standard containers such as field survey and engineering supporting containers, equipment control boxes, living boxes, and special fire prevention boxes. According to the special requirements of various industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, we can design many kinds of special containers.

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