Corporate Culture
The company's corporate culture is people-oriented and respects people's feelings, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere of solidarity, friendship and mutual trust in the enterprise, strengthening the sense of community, so that the enterprise workers form a strong cohesion and centripetal force.Common values form common goals and ideals. Employees of the company regard the enterprise as a community of common destiny and their own work as an important part to achieve common goals. The whole enterprise keeps pace and forms a unified whole.The company has a strong ability to absorb and learn excellent foreign cultures. It is able to absorb positive factors in economic development, cultural progress and social change, and absorb good

AboutChangbo has a well-trained professional production team and top design and technical personnel, and rely on strict scientific management to provide high-quality products guarantee. In addition to producing standard containers, Changbo also specializes in manufacturing non-standard containers such as field survey and engineering supporting containers, equipment control boxes, living boxes, and special fire prevention boxes. According to the special requirements of various industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, we can design many kinds of special containers.

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